Hopefield Gardens

in 2014, seven LOCC high school students were challenged to do something to make their community a better place. our students took the challenge to heart, and the end result was hopefield Gardens. Hopefield Gardens is just that - a garden planted in a field designed to bring hope to an ailing city.

Did you know that high point is one of the worst food deserts in america? This means that people in our city don't have access to healthy fruits and vegetables. Hopefield is our way of combatting the lack of healthy foods in our community. with a few grants, the generosity of our church, and the hard work of our teenage students, we have begun to partner with World Relief High point and Open Door Ministry to help combat the hunger facing many of the people they work with.

in 2016 alone, we grew over 15 different kinds of fruits and veggies, resulting in 592 pounds of produce being harvested. produce harvested included: 

bell peppers
jalapeno peppers
leaf lettuce

We are looking forward to an even better 2017. with water running out to the garden this season, we should see a tremendous increase in production. With all that we hope to do in 2017, even more help is needed. If you are interested, please email me at michael@laureloakchristian.org